Is it true your curls are natural?

Yes, unfortunately I can't share the secret of my hair's magnificence; it just grew this way. Only time will will tell if I get to keep it. I caution myself not to fly too close to the sun though. 

How long have you been brewing?

I've been a homebrewer for a little over the last year and a half. In that time I've spent hundreds of hours brewing, researching, and of course cleaning. I've rapidly upgraded my equipment from a single kettle to a multi-vessel system, complete with kegerator and temperature-controlled fermentation chambers. Though I don't have as much experience brewing as others, I make up for it in quantity and passion. I've averaged over 10 gallons of beer brewed per month for the past six months, and have now done conducted dozens of brew days.

Do you really keep your house at 50 degrees in the winter?

Absolutely, it's cheaper, freezes your hands so you can't work, and deters all but the most committed of houseguests. And I can sleep like a stone.