Nathan Hodges

"Hey dude, thanks for coming. Also, thanks for your wines... they really spiced up the party. You have become the guy who shows up and brings extra fun. When you walked in with that shirt on, blonde mane flowing, everyone in the room thought: Now there's a man. Give me the Cran-Apple. I'm getting f***** up, or something like that."

-- Carter Brown

And that was my first review and testimonial. This began years ago and has been building steam since then. My name is Nathan Hodges and I'm an engineer, a powerlifter, an all-around amazing human, and most importantly, a brewer.

Backstory: From Juice Hooch to Beer

Oct. 10th, 2019: Apple Juice fermenting from the "Sky Yeast"

Nov. 19th, 2021: The day I bought my first kettle and beer kit. Look at how shiny it is.

My grandparents - Grant and Deanna Hodges - pictured in front of a small shed on their ranch property in Ponca City, Oklahoma. 

Why Rocking H?